5 Things Studying Accountancy Taught Me About Life

To be honest, I have never been a nerd all my student life. I took up commerce as my subject because I had some other plans at the back of my mind. This doesn’t mean I did not enjoy studying commerce, I really did. My Accountancy teacher was a fire, bombarding us with questions one after the other[Love you, Ma’am]. Anyway, there is more to accountancy than just numbers and today I am going to focus on just that. Here are 5 things studying accountancy taught me about life.

# Lesson No 1.

You cannot pass an accountancy test without studying and practicing sums. Your concepts need to be crystal clear. Likewise, in life too, you cannot pass any exam without hard work and lots of practice. To pass an exam, you need to keep your principles and goals crystal clear. Only visualization won’t turn it into reality, practice or say execution or action is of utmost importance. Hence, to pass an exam of life, get onto the practice mode.

#Lesson No 2.

In Accountancy, everything runs on a debit-credit concept. If one item is credited, the opposite has to be debited. If one comes in, the other must go out. This is so true in our lives too. Every gain or achievement demands a sacrifice. Want a new dress? Well, you’ve got to earn to buy it (unless, of course your daddy is too rich and too easy on you).

Life comes with a debit- credit concept. It comes with a win-loss concept, just like accounts. You win some, you lose some. You debit some,you credit some.

#Lesson No 3.

The balance sheet doesn’t match? Go over it again and again and again!!

Gosh, it was so frustrating when even after the 5th time the balance sheets wouldn’t match. And the happiness was unexplainable when it did on the first attempt itself.

Do you realize what a Balance Sheet teaches us? If you haven’t reached your end result just the way you wanted to, you need to inspect your steps so long so you reach your desired end, your Goal. The process from the start till the end has to be in sync, any deviation requires your attention.

#Lesson No 4.

I should have probably mentioned it earlier. Remember the concept of anticipating losses and keeping a contingency plan ready. Be sure of losses, not profits. So pessimistic, isn’t it?

Well, not really. It taught me that it is not possible that I will always get what I want. There will always be hiccups on my way. And instead of being overconfident of my success, I should be aware of what I am going to do it in any case, I do not succeed. A contingency plan is always appreciated and in handy. Don’t be over-shawdowed by success that you forget how to deal with failure.

#Lesson No 5.

Remember how the focus is the key to everything great in life. How solving sums required our focus the utmost. Life is just like that. It demands our attention, our focus at all time. A little deviation and it may result into something else, just like a wrong balance sheet. The key lesson here is TO KEEP THE FOCUS INTACT.

To be honest, there are and can be numerous other lessons too, its just how you see it. Perception makes or breaks a person. How did you like these life lessons? Do you agree? And it is okay to disagree too. Feel free to comment and share your views.

And now I am Missing my school and the accounts classes too.

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  • A very well written…piece…connecting life lessons with a subject…never thought of accountancy …this way around. A must read for all commerce students…out there…hence will be beneficial for them now when they put the balance sheet..equal again.And now I missing those classes too…πŸ˜‰

  • Yup .. It’s damn true … U inspired us a lot .. There is something in u which makes u unique … Keep writing ..and make us more motivated…πŸ‘

    • Thank you so much Ashutosh.I will try my best to keep you motivated, but right now yours is motivating me to keep going. Thank you 😊

  • Wow.. It’s too good and quite inspiring.. Keep on writing and I wish a great future ahead.. Stay blessed always… And Stay Happy n Positive… I have been in teaching from last 15years…but you put accountancy in a very meaningful way… And you relate life with accountancy in a positive way….

    • I am sure in your 15 years of career you have touched and inspired more lives than you could think off, if it weren’t for you, i wouldn’t have learnt these lessons. Thank you so so much for your love and kind gesture @Madhulika miss 😘😘

  • I hve always been thinking about these n relating it to my life n u gave words to my thinking …. N ya u hve written it damn well nd not only accountancy teaches us about life but mathematics, accountancy, business studies n economics too😊.

    • Hey Aditi! Great to hear.I am sure you can write much better than what i wrote. Lets excute what we learn from it to our live. Thank you so much for your kind words.😘

  • Beautifully written….. Most importantly your perception about something which is only considered a bridge to get high grades. Astounding…. U noticed what we fail to observe generally..

    • Hi Shekhar!! Thank you so much for your lovely words, i am sure it will keep me motivated for days. Please come back for next post too. 😊😘

  • Beautifully written. Most importantly, the way you have noticed peculiarities between Accountancy and life.

  • Hey there!
    It is so awesome of how u can find way of living life even in the subjects u pursue..
    N actually that is a great way of living n finding life in whatever u do…
    Great writer n motivator…
    Salute ma’am

    • Hi Suchita!! Thank you so much for your kind words and for reading my piece. And i am no ma’am.. Make sure to come back here again. Thanks.😊😊

  • Beautifully described……I am waiting for some more …keep writing…..😘

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