||love tales tonight – blank ||

Love tales Tonight – Blank, is a creative attempt to address the chaos of thoughts that goes on in everyone’s mind, some time or another. It is a way to silence the mind and find a direction and fetch for an answer. So, stay along and have patience with me, yourself and life.

||How do you end a relationship that never really existed formally? Neither of you said “Yes” but felt the love. Even if it were a compromise with life, how do you end the love?

The possibility seems a distant dream now, a dream that will never come true and a reality you don’t wanna be in.

Why is it pin drop silence around? Why is the mind not silent though? Thousands of thought battling it out to be on the paper, yet the paper is blank…

Why does a relationship break? Why do friendships get over? Why do dreams don’t come true? Why does life happen the way you never wished it to? And why does being an adult mean giving up a part of you?

The heart is numb, but the mind race. The heartaches, but no one feels the pain. Now the paper is blue, and life too.

Questions, so many questions. Questions unanswered, who will these be referred to?

Nothing makes sense, but you can relate too, or can you? Why does LIFE happen and it BURDENS with reasons, logic, and things to do?

A Thousand Thought.


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Hi! I am an aspiring blogger, lazy in person, dreamer and confused about life in general.

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