5 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him

Valentine’s Day is just days from now. And you probably must have been checking and rechecking your plans, only to make it super special and memorable to the both of you. My dear ladies, your man is special. Even though he may never ask for it, he too deserves to be pampered and loved like a little baby. And what best occasion than Valentine’s Day itself.

If giving him a gift in return of the million things you are expecting from him is your idea of making him feel special, stop right now. Think a little different this time. What if you could add something extra and unique this time. And just in case you have no idea, what different to do this Valentine’s day, here are 5 unique Valentine’s Day ideas for him. And to the girls who have no plans yet, this list of Valentine’s Day ideas will guide you too. By the time we reach the end, I am pretty sure you will know what you have to do. So, let’s get started.

#5 Childhood Comic Books/ Video Games

Now which boy in this whole wide world doesn’t love comic books or video games? The rush of making a living makes us miss our childhood so much. Ladies, this is your time to win his heart all over again with this lovely Valentine’s Day idea and gesture. All you need to do is find out his favorite comics, or video games and gift him the best part of his Childhood. Nostalgia wrapped around love.

Join him for a friendly game and enjoy watching him be happy. Isn’t it all you ever wanted?

#4 Picnic Time With Bae

5 Unique-Valentine's-Day-Ideas-for-Him-Picnic-Time

Yes, you read it right. Just pack your bags, put plenty of food items that you two like, find a fun spot and spend some quality time together away from the hustle of the town. And, if you do not have a place to go,( of which the chances are rare) decorate your terrace into a romantic picnic spot under the dark sky and light up your hearts.

Oh! Did I mention a tech-free picnic? Because your time with each other is the most precious gift to him and you don’t need to capture everything with technology. Use your heart to keep the memories fresh this time.

#3 Scrapbook/ Hand Made Cards

5 Unique-Valentine's-Day-Ideas-for-Him-ScrapBook

What better way to tell your handsome love he means the world to you than with a handmade greeting card or a scrapbook full of memories of you two together. With this unique Valentine’s Day gift idea, you two will go on a journey which started with a smile and continued with cute fights and continues with tonne of beautiful memories unique to just the two of you.

Make sure to make it on your own to add more touch of feelings and emotions. Share with him everything you always wanted to tell him, from how he makes you go weak on your knees to the silly sounds he makes while he sleeps. Darling just pour your heart out and I am sure he will be the happiest to visit these memories again with you by his side.

#2 Visit a Resort

5 Unique-Valentine's-Day-Ideas-for-Him-Resort

Number 2 on our list is Resort. There are plenty of couples friendly resorts these days which happily welcomes married and unmarried couples. Choose a resort that resembles the most to you and your bae. A day or two away from city life will surely rejuvenate love and give plenty of quality time to spend together. Couples spa, trekking, team sports, dinner under the stars etc are few of the many fun activities that these resorts arrange. So, don’t miss out this unique Valentine’s Day Idea this time. It may be slightly above your budget but so worth it.

#1 Naming a Star

5 Unique-Valentine's-Day-Ideas-for-Him-Name-a-star

Yes, this can actually happen. There are online companies in India that lets you name a star. Since your boyfriend/ husband is no less a star himself, why not name a star after his name.

All you need to do is register yourself with the seller and they will do restof the paperwork for you. A final certificate is handed over once the process gets final. So don’t waste too much time thinking, it is not just unique but also pocket friendly. Above all, your man deserves this.

Websites like http://www.excitinglives.com let you order name a star after anyone.

We have come to the end, but I am pretty sure you have made up your mind and know exactly what you have to do. So, why wait, get started. Hope these Valentine’s Day ideas were helpful to you.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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