8 Romantic Movies for a Valentine’s Day Movies Date

Sadly Valentine’s Day is a working day for many. Most probably you haven’t spent as much time as you would have liked today. But no worries lovebirds, because, there is a perfectly practical solution to it. When you Pop up some popcorn, dim the lights, get comfortable, and have your cuddle buddy by your side. Yep! It’s Valentine’s day movies date night. Presenting 10 romantic movies perfect for a Valentine’s Day Movies Date Night. Sit tight and enjoy the ride.

#8 Serendipity

Don’t we all leave fate to choose and find us our soulmates? Well, this romantic movie is the perfect example of fate and love going hand in hand. A love tale, too beautiful, captures the feelings of being in love and the dilemma that comes with it. It is romance, comedy, destiny – a complete set of human emotions, all together in one movie. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale have done total justice to their roles.A perfect valentines day movie with your bae.

#7 Letters to Juliet

Working as a fact checker for The New Yorker, Sophie(Amanda Seyfried) finds a letter addressed to Juliet left on her pre- honeymoon trip to Italy. The story unfolds when she answers one of those letters which changes the whole dynamics of the movie. i won’t completely disclose the movie here, check the trailer and go watch it straight for a romantic valentine’s day movie date night.

#6 Veer Zaara

The King of romance with another epic romantic movie. Veer Zaara is a love story of Veer, an Indian and Zaara, a Pakistani, whose love had to win numerous battles to finally be together. With so many ups and downs, their love for each other never diminishes even an inch, but only grows in contrary. It will take you on a journey of a love that knows no boundary and redefine the meaning of true love.

#5 Hum Tum

If you are looking forward to a light hearted love story, here is Hum Tum for you. This valentine’s Day movie is different, it will play with your emotions yet keep you gripped to it. Different shades of life with different emotions of love is beautifully depicted in this must see romantic movie. Laugh, cry and enjoy the ride of love and romance with Hum and Tum.

#4 The Notebook

Need I say anything about The Notebook? Based on Nicholas Sparks Novel by the same name, this classic valentine’s day movie is everything love. A summer love story, full of passion and craziness, Noah and Allie’s love story is full of emotions you usually experience when in a relationship or in love. Allie is suffering from Dementia and doesn’t even remember Noah. Even then, he doesn’t give up on her and her dreams. Did I disclose too much already? Go on watch this classic without wasting another moment.

#3 Fifty Shades of Grey – The Series

Well, this is a movie which needs no introduction. Sexy, thrilling, very much valentine’s day movies category. The story of Anna and Christian Grey is worth watching with your love by your side. Without wasting much time, watch the trailer, although you have already watched the series already.

#2 Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

No one can ever beat Shah Rukh Khan in the romance department. This classic love story will never fail your Valentine’s day movies date. There is drama, love, song, dancing in the rain, romance, and even comedy. what else do you need? Simran (Kajol) and Raj (SRK) meet each other on their way to Europe and the rest is history. Don’t shy away to enjoy this forever love tale this Valentine’s Day. I am sure you will end up falling in love all over again. For all the new lovers who are yet to see this movie, watch the trailer.

#1 Pretty Woman

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, a match meant for success. Pretty woman is a story of a Hollywood sex worker hired by a wealthy business man. Although the movie was supposed to be a tale about class and sex work, it turned out to be the third highest grossing romantic movies of all time. This has to be on your list for Valentine’s day movies date list.

Before I end this list of classic romantic valentine’s day movies list, there are a couple of movies that are epic love stories but not on the list only because I do not intend to make you cry today. They are obviously P.S I Love You, Me Before You, La La Land, Love Story, Up, 500 days of summer…. and the list continues. For now, enjoy these happy love stories with a happy ending.

Happy valentine’s Day Movies Date Night to you!

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