The Underrated Love Story

Have you ever had doubts on yourself? Or do you regret after sharing your deepest feelings with someone? Has this ever happened with you, that someone complimented you for something, and instead of a “Thank You” all you said was , ” Nah! I am not that good” ? Or do you think and over think over a question or situation so much that it messes up with your mind and you can’t take it anymore?

I remember inflicting physical pain on myself all because I was too disappointed with myself, punishing this body and soul because of the loud of the world. And what it did to me? Self-doubts, insecurity and fear. And yes, I have begged people to love me, to stay in my life and probably apologized too many times, uselessly, even when it was no fault of mine. I am sure, You must have too.

Since, the whole world is rejoicing the season of love, I thought I should too. So here is my honest take on the kind of LOVE that is THE MOST IMPORTANT, THE MOST DIFFICULT, and also THE EASIEST of them all – SELF LOVE.

Self Love – A cure to every mental and emotional issue. The moment you realize you are ENOUGH and don’t need a man or a woman or anyone for that matter to love you and tell you that you are enough for them, you’ll be mentally and emotionally healthy.

Relying on “SOMEONE” to appreciate your being is delusional and such a pity on your own self. And You don’t deserve it. You and I have no right to treat ourselves so bad that it loses its confidence. In fact, no one has the right to make us doubt ourselves. You are enough and baby, you don’t need to beg anyone to love you or care for you. The moment you start loving and appreciating yourself, you allow others to love and respect you too. You won’t need to depend on them for their love.

Honestly, how can you expect someone to love and appreciate you when you can’t do the same to your own self in the first place?

“Do I deserve it”? Ask it to yourself. Do you really need someone else’s validation to feel good about your being?

Self love seems to be the easiest form of love, yet the most difficult one to practice. Feeling like you don’t deserve to, like you aren’t worthy of anything good in life, punishing yourself with words that cut deeper than knife, inflicting pain and above all, underestimating and self – doubting.

Self love is the most beautiful gift that you can give to yourself. And not until you know yourself, or understand your body and soul, you can ever tell others what you want from them. I mean to say, you got to show people how to treat you by treating yourself right, always.

Mental and Emotional well being is so important, not even thousands of words can do justice to it. So before, you contemplate why me and why not me, just spend sometime with yourself and love it, appreciate it, just the way it is.

Remember, you are not what they say. You are what you are, and inside your heart, you know it. You know you are brave and beautiful, powerful and strong, bold and pretty, fragile but cute. You are ENOUGH. RESPECT YOURSELF. Self-love is like a small plant, it takes time and patience to grow, but when it does, it only flowers.

I can go on and on, but it won’t help unless you truly realize the need to love yourself. Instead of waiting for a boy or a girl to give you flowers, give yourself one and tell yourself you deserve it. The first step is to accept that you deserve to be loved and that love shall first come from within for YOUR OWN BEING.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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