Useful Tips to Attempt CBSE Board Exams Effectively

No battle has ever been won without a strategy. The CBSE Board exams are about to start for both class 10th and 12th students. This isn’t the time to sit back, thinking you have the ball in your court. This is the time to leave no stone unturned to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

The nervousness is real, and the chances of being stressful and anxious is very high. But, do not worry, it will do no good to you especially now, when all your preparations are done and revision time is on. Sometimes overstressing and over doing costs us our chances at winning. Instead of sticking with your books day in and day out, go out for a stroll and breathe in the fresh air. Here are some other useful tips for exams for you to give the best you have.


#1. The number one exam tip for you is to take a step back. The key to success is to be true to oneself. Do a critical analysis of your preparation, and the purpose of it is not to discourage you in any way. You probably should be done with your preparations by now and in the process of revision. But do not stress yourself thinking about what could go wrong. Think on the positive side.

#2. This is for the students who are yet to complete their prep and revision. It is okay, the end is not near. You too need to think positive. One advice for you would be to start revising the subjects you have already done. If at all any time is left after it, start a new topic.

#3. Another exam tip for you would be to practice all the question papers that you had to appear at your school throughout the year. It will be extremely useful.

#4. Another effective exam tip would be to engage in some physical activity. It will help you calm your nerves and also increase your productivity and concentration.

#5. Follow a routine and try to study at a time period when you will be appearing for the examination in real. Also, make sure to use a chair table set up because it will help you retain better.

#6. SLEEP. A good night’s sleep is as important as you can think. Try to sleep early before the day of your examination, probably because you will have a hard time falling asleep that night. Also, take a light dinner that night, nothing too oily or spicy.

#7. Breakfast is important. Don’t overeat but don’t go empty stomach for the exam too. You won’t be able to concentrate on the paper either way.

#8. Drink enough water, neither too little nor too much. It will help you calm down and relieve you from anxiety. On the day of the examination, don’t drink too much water, you wouldn’t want to go to the loo on repeat. Just in moderation. Also, visit the loo before the start of the exam.

#9. Check and re-check all the stationery items that need to go with you, especially your admit card. And REACH THE EXAM CENTRE ON OR BEFORE TIME.

#10. Fill in the details on your answer sheet very carefully, recheck them and do not write anything else which could get you into trouble. Also, when you are done writing the answers and have some time in your hand, check the answers before final submission.

#11. Move onto the next question if you do not know the answer to a particular one. Wasting your time pondering over the same question is not smart. Also, read the question properly before attempting the answer and make sure you have attempted all the questions. Check all the sides of the question paper.

#12. Sajid Sir, my class teacher used to say, Examination is the test of three things – Attention, Retention and Presentation. Hence, present your answers neatly, and do leave two to three lines after ending an answer. Don’t get too messy while using colour pens and underlines.


#1. Don’t forget your admit card in the examination hall after the exam is over. Many students out of excitement tend to leave it and stress afterwards.

#2. An effective exam tip –Don’t talk too much on your way to the examination centre. Give your brain a rest and feed into it only what is of utmost importance. Rather, engage yourself in self-motivating and self-assuring talks.

#3. Don’t read till the very last minute. As mentioned above, give your brain some rest so that it can retain better.

#4. Among other important tips for exams, one is to not ask your friends about their preparation. Do not engage in any discussion that could affect you mentally. I did not even participate in post-exam discussions like ” how did your paper go”, what will be the answer to this”.

#5. Don’t focus on rumors and fake news like leaked question paper, cancellation of examination unless it is confirmed by the officials.

#6. Lastly, don’t adopt any means of fraudulent activity that you will repent for the rest of your lives.

These were few of the many exam tips and tricks. The key is to be aware and be fully present to the occasion. And don’t forget to fight it with a smile, enjoy these exams, you won’t appear the Famous Board Exams ever again in your life, unless you are in class 10th.

Good Luck!

P.S Did I tell you to practice and write the examination with a PEN that you have been using throughout the year? Why? Because, it will keep you speed constant and you are now habitual to writing with it.

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