13 Most Beautiful Women in The World

Over the years, the definition of the word “Beautiful” has changed significantly. I had never realized what it meant to me until one day I came across an article headlining 20 most beautiful women in the world and I could not relate to it in any way. Because to me being beautiful was not just restricted to the outside beauty. Maybe only a few people can be pretty, but anyone and everyone can be beautiful.

A beauty that goes beyond figure, colour, skin or body type and creates a new definition and dimension is beautiful and meaningful. Maybe that is why it is said, “beauty with the brain”. Women are more than their beauty. They are powerful and strong, bold and ambitious, driven and smart, purposeful and loving. Women’s day aims at creating awareness regarding women, their power and privileges, rights and duties among the masses including women themselves, it celebrates women and girls. It is a day that strongly stands against sexism and discrimination against women. It spreads the message of treating them each day with care, love, respect and support.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, here is an exclusive list of most beautiful women in the world, celebrating the true power and meaning of beauty.

#13 Priyanka Chopra

Miss World in the true sense. One of the most beautiful actresses in the world, PC has been advocating for change at various platforms of society. From speaking her mind and taking a clear stand on different issues, Priyanka Chopra has become the voice of many organizations and foundations. She is the brand ambassador of UNICEF and doesn’t hesitate in speaking about the right for girls education.


On the personal and professional front, she is working strongly and successfully in shattering the glass walls that have been limiting women in in everything they do. Recently, her association with Bumble India is a step towards shattering another stereotype for women around the world.

#12 Ellen DeGeneres


The name says it all. Lady, and comedian, deadly combination. Ellen not only rules the hearts of people world over, but also spreads the message of being kind to one another, stands up for LGBT community, showers her riches on people who need it honestly, and works to protect and save the extinct gorillas in Rwanda. She is among the most loved people on the planet, putting the love and power she has into good use. Isn’t that beautiful, isn’t she BEAUTIFUL?

#11 Neena Gupta

Among the lot of talented actresses, Neena Gupta is not just a name full of talent but a woman of courage. She stood up strongly at a time when the society was not only orthodox but also unforgiving.


Neena Gupta was a single mother back in the days and raised her daughter with respect and dignity, neither hiding her story nor hiding behind her story. I am sure, no matter what people and society said, she inspired women and single mothers around the world, especially in light of India.

#10 Malala Yousafzai

The world came to know about her when she was struggling to stay alive after being shot by the Taliban for going to school in Pakistan. Today, she is a proud Student at The University of Oxford. Malala is the youngest Nobel Prize laureate who advocates for female education, and human rights.


She is the epitome of how you can turn your story in a direction that will only light the world. She turned her adversities into opportunities and the world knows her today as a fighter, an activist fighting for change. What can be more beautiful than turning your scars into flowers?

# 9 Avani Chaturvedi

Not often considered a professional choice for women, but Avani Chaturvedi proved them all wrong. Now, inspiring young girls around the world to dream a little bit more, a little bit higher in the sky.


Flight Lieutenant Avani Chaturvedi is first of her name, the first female fighter pilot from India. Along with her cohort Mohana Singh and Bhawana Kanth, the girls were inducted into the Indian Air Force fighter squadron in the year 2016. They not only flew high in the sky but also gave wings to young girls saying it is all possible without saying anything at all, just by achieving this feat.

#8 Angelina Jolie

Also known for her humanitarian efforts, Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood actress, is not just a pretty face. Standing up for conservations, women’s right, human rights, and refugees, Jolie is highly influential and uses her powers in the right direction.


Apart from this, she also made adopting kids a proud thing to do, inspiring many around the globe to give a new meaning to children’s left by their parents for reasons unknown.

#7 Sushmita Sen

When Sushmita Sen decided to adopt a girl child and raise her, the world made a lot of noise. The first Miss Universe from India, Sushmita Sen, an actress, broke the stereotype revolving around adopting kids and raising them single-handedly, without being tied under the ritual of a wedding.


Today, she is a proud mother of two beautiful, strong girls, a recipient of Rajiv Gandhi, Mother Teresa and I Am a Woman Award for her achievement in Bollywood, Social Justice and for being a woman of substance respectively.

#6 Kalki Kochelin

Kalki Koechlin is unlike any other Bollywood star. Movies or short stories, anything she does, have something in common. They have substance. She writes, and her pieces speak volume. The Printing Machine is my favourite.


But why Beautiful? Because, she has stood up for women, always. Be it telling the world about casting couch being a reality in Bollywood or supporting a fellow worker. She doesn’t hesitate to voice her honest opinion about things we must talk about. Her work raise important questions too. She refuses to be like everyone who wants to remain mute for the rest of their lives, and that makes her one of the most beautiful women in the world.

#5 Rupi Kaur

Born out of depression, and self- pity, Rupi Kaur became a poetry sensation and is a major reason why stand up poetry recitation has become so popular in India. Like any other human being, she too was chained and burned by her past, but one day she let those darkness crawl away from her life teaching us all a very important lesson. ” Do Not Let Your Situation Define Your Existence.”


She is the motivation behind so many of us, the modern poets who want to follow her path. And she isn’t just famous, or has instagram full of poems, her pieces speak of world that is hopeful, a world that needs to love itself, and a world that needs change.

#4 Emma Watson


From advocating Sustainable and eco- friendly ways of living, to always standing up for fellow women, Emma Watson, the British Actress, has come a long way. An avid reader, Emma started the campaign He For She, that supports gender equality. Our little Hermione has grown up into a woman of substance, who knows when and how to speak up for things that matter and should matter as a fellow human being.

#3 Oprah Winfrey

Role model of girls and women of all ages, Oprah, a producer, actress, talk show host, media executive and philanthropist has only given back to the society. Having been raped at a young age of 9 by her 19 years old cousin and in later years by her uncle, she did not go down to being non-existent. She overcame all her miseries and became a woman who everyone loves today, only because of her work and the person she has become.


There are so many girls and women who have suffered the same horror and Oprah is a ray of hope in their lives. Everyone can turn their lives around, even if the past is a haunting one. She is one of the most influenial women in the world and is truly an inspiration.

#2. Katie Piper & Laxmi Agarwal


It was March of 2008, when in an acid attack by her ex-boyfriend, Katie piper suffered major burn and blindness in one eye.

Year 2005, age 15, Laxmi was attacked by a man named Gudda, age 32, and his alias Naeem Khan whose advances she had rejected.

Today, Katie Piper is an activist, Writer, and Television presenter. And, Laxmi Agrawal is a TV presenter and campaigns the stop of sale of acid. Both, an inspiration to millions of girls who have suffered the same fate. An acid attack that destroyed their flesh but gave new meaning to their lives. Had they not risen up from this cowardice act, the attackers would have won. But they did, and now shine their light upon the world.

#1 My Mother


I do not know a single person who doesn’t brag about the sacrifices and hardships they went through, but a mother. I have grown up listening to her stories of the days when daddy dear struggled to make a living. My mother, Anita Devi, is the most beautiful woman I personally know. And I am pretty sure, your mother is your number 1 because she deserves too. Sometimes, I feel, the struggles of a man still gets recognised, but of a wife or woman who stays at home, takes care of her family, gets unnoticed, unrecognised and unappreciated. She will guide you and put everyone above her, that too happily. Everything she does, earns her the love and respect we at times forget to give.

DISCLAIMER : The List is a comprehensive one, and doesn’t in any way mean that only these women are beautiful. You may have your own list too. You are more than welcome.

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