|| Letter : Little Rebel ||

To the little rebel inside You!


So this is where I write, but I am clueless. I have absolutely no idea of what I should write about. It’s a pleasant evening out here and the air is kind of motivating me to not give up. So, here is a note to all you girls and guys who need this as much as I do. Sharing a letter I wrote to myself 2 years ago. I needed this really bad back then. Even today it does the same magic it used to cast on me back then. So here it is, hope it helps you too.

hmm… so.. nothing really is going great right now. Every now and then it feels out of the league and so lost, so incapable. But my dear what others are doing shouldn’t be of your concern unless it is helping you grow and improve your being, yourself. What really matters is what you are doing to keep going forward and if you aren’t moving forward, you are not living, you are not improving. Everyone has certain dreams and aspirations. Some achieve them while some get lost. Be among those who achieve all their dreams and goals or at least be in the list of people who tried. Dreams are just aspirations, turn them into determined actions, turn them into goals. And don’t you dare stop before achieving them. Do it till you die, do it before you die, just do it.

Tomorrow is a test, every day is a test and we are all unprepared. Nothing can be changed about it. All we can do is muster up some courage and face every challenge as it comes. Accept the reality, the truth with grace.

It doesn’t matter when you win or how many times you lose. You don’t have to give up. The moment you give in, you lose. When you don’t, you succeed. Try this sometime and every time, you’ll always be the winner. I know this is written and said a million times, but this is the only truth we all know.

Someday will be your day, but for that someday you should start on this very day. Keep yourself positive, keep yourself motivated. There is only you who can keep this happening. Live this moment. Do what you wanna do. Pick up things that frighten you, that challenges you. And when you don’t feel like doing something, do it then and there. Master it, don’t let the useless feeling capture your mind and heart.

Be happy. Your happiness is equally important. And in your pursuit of happiness just do things that please you. Be your inspiration, be everyone’s inspiration. And believe in your damn self. Don’t let others bring you down. Period.

Good luck and keep trying!

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