|| Poetry: Body Talks!||

They could only see my body expanding,
Reason and label it by different names,
And later said, "dont mind babes".

Well I did.

I did mind the names you call me by.
Repeatedly in the name of fun, love and

that you didn’t mean harsh at all.

And they say they love me, but never did they raise their voice,
When a no body made jokes and enjoyed a hearty laugh.

They could only see the fat beneath my flesh,
Not the struggles I had all this while.

Be in my body, and tell me you don't crave for junk

when the mind wasn't silent and the soul anxious.
Be in my mind, and try and keep it silent,
for just sometime, for just a little while.

Those familiar faces I love, and my time I sacrificed for them,
Jugde me with anything and everything they want,

and it hurts, it hurts big time.

But here is the catch. Never ever I respond back
but take all that crap with open arms.

And now I don't trust the voice I have
that seldom creeps from the nukes and corners of the inside.
Now I trust their words more.
Reaching a point where I realize,
But go back to bed and close my eyes.


This one is for everyone who is struggling with some or the other body issue and all they get from others is crap instead of affection and support. The body already suffers, but the mind suffers with it too.

Doesn’t matter if you are fat, lean, skinny or whatever, if you are happy and comfortable in your own skin, the conversation should end just there. “Healthy is the goal, not a certain body type that is overhyped.” And if you too face any physical issue, don’t let foul words, meaningless in nature, get into your head. On the contrary, nourish it with love and be kind to it. Get healthy and love yourself!

Take Care!

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