Poetry: Gory Fortification

– By Sajid Qamar

Fettered mind fettered thoughts,
Have sucked the fertility, led to drought.
Chained but how free it was!
Free now but how shackled and aghast!

Clutches with clippers, made for lame.
For mentally lame, whom to blame?
Flame of hatred, media politically tamed,
Innocents die, TRPs claimed.

Identities invite cruelty and injustice,
Perpetrators, garlanded for such practice.
Thirsty crow had used the pebble,
Now human lives, used with rabble.

Deaf,dumb and blind are they,
Never forgetting to shine and make a hay.
Break Oh! Break the fortifications,
Built around the mind with bizarre justifications.

May rationality prevail,
The needed Humanity we hail.

Also, read on the emotional chaos of being Human and the ability to feel.

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