Poetry- To The One Who Fell In Love With Me

How do I know your intentions were right?
How do I know the words you said, meant the same you intended to reach my heart?
What if, you were playing with my sentiments?
What if, my doubts played with yours?
Either way, we are no more close.
I wonder if you still think of me.
Yes, I do, sometimes, wondering how it used to be.
With everything that’s changed, it feels strange, again.
Even if you played, and
Even if I had my doubts,
Both ways I wish to apologize.
The pain of a heartbreak,
Guess, you experienced twice.
For my part, I had to say this tonight.
Never have I ever felt pangs,
Like this one before, for hurting, in ways, direct or indirect.
The pain of the heart is greatest,
And yes, I, too gifted you such a thing,
But something tells me yours was real.
Lately, I have been thinking,
Back in the memory lane, when I got that call,
I still feel blessed, and special after all.
Maybe, you are still there for me, with your lending hands,
Maybe, the feelings the same, or
Maybe it has completely changed now.
This is not an attempt to welcome the past back,
I needed to say I am sorry, comfort your heart, the pain, the suffering, I caused you in the past.
But there was nothing I could do back then,
There is nothing I can do, even now.
I am a terrible lover; the journey would have had a rough patch.
For heaven sake, I still, am doing nothing right,
Bringing you haunted memories with permanent words I have.
So, I stop the flow of trauma, of trouble.
Wish we had better goodbyes, just so you know, you were a wonderful friend I had,
Certainly, you will be, in the future infinite.
The distance had turned into understanding,
In silences that we speak, I think you think of me, but don’t move on…
And there’s so much to tell, I wish I could yell,
For you being so mean, but I too was, perhaps this was the only way right.
I think I still can go on, share those secrets I shared with no one at all,
But this is the end, wishing you a better beginning.
A wonderful journey ahead in a lifetime.
With one you love, with one who loves you back,
Of happiness, of joy, of a content life, you’ve wished for.

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