10 South Indian Love Songs you’ll fall in love with

Love is beyond language and barriers. It may seem like you have a hold of it, that you are the boss. Alas! If only love could be managed, controlled or chained. Let us not restrict love to a particular language or culture. Everyone is trying to express their love in one form or the other to the best of their capacity, only to win the heart of their significant other. For all the Hindi and Non- Hindi speakers around the world, these lovesongs will take you on a journey, and even if you may or may not understand the langage, you will surely think of your love story here.

Art and literature are similar to love, in fact, they compliment each other like a husband and wife. One has to take the assistance of the other to rightly present the magnitude and intensity of each other. This is why, today PenPaperHeart brings to you a list of 10 South Indian Love songs that will surely make you fall in love with their language, culture and beyond. Moreover, it will make you feel happy, loved and beautiful.

The south of India has contributed some amazing movies and songs that only add to the charm of the Cinema Industry. Stick till the end to enjoy the enchanting journey full of melody and soulful love, lyrics and music in general.

#1. Inkem Inkem, Geetha Govindam

#2. Kanmani Anbodu

#3. Vachindamma, Geetha Govindam

#4. Vaan Varuvaan, Kaatru Veliyidai

#5 Vaarthinkalee, Kali Malayalam

#6. Innum Konjam Naeram, Maryan

#7. Jeevamshamayi, Theevandi

#8. Malare, Premam

#9. Neeyum Naanum, Naanum Rowdy Dhaan

#10. Enna Solla, Thangamagan

Do share which is your favourite love songs in the comment box below. I really hope you enjoyed listening to these songs just as much as I did while compiling the list of these soulful love songs.

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  • Thank u mam… For considering this genere for Ur writing… And let tell u , Ur collection is good…
    Just u misssed Mazhai kuruvi by A R Rahman..😎😋

  • Enjoyed listening to the 2nd ,4th and 6th one..and out of all 2nd one kanmani anbodu was very soothing .

  • I’m surprised by your collection of South Indian songs. But you missed so many good songs. I want you to listen those songs also.

    • yes, I agree, there are so many good songs that deserve to be on the list. But I only wanted to do like 10.. hence, not all made it to this list. Apart from this, I love the melody and vibes of these songs. will keep your feedback in mind the next time. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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