|| Poetry- Open The Window ||

Open the window, let the air come into the scene,
Break down the walls,  if need be.
Scream and shout, let the anger come out,
Scream and shout, burn the fire somehow.

The words they use for you,
And the doubts they forced upon you,
The laughter and the taunts,
Give them back, with the success story of yours.

Breathe in new chapters, new goals, new dreams. 
Take in the goodness, why be mean?
Chalk out yourself a plan, you deserve big.
Don't settle, don't relax, these are temporary charms.

You, stop being afraid of going out now,
You, stop being afraid of the crowd.
Release the person that is hidding inside of you,
Be the hell you've always wished to.

All that and more, 
Open up chambers, kept hidden inside of you.
Challenge the comfort you are lying in, 
It is time you get up, and lose the dirt you've been in.

Open the window, let the air come into the scene.
Sit back, dream the life you want to build.
Work up, turn those dreams to goals.
Push up, make those goals a reality you live.

More power to everyone who is trying their best to break the walls that are cornering them in any way. May they open their windows and breathe in the air that makes them content and the happiest in life. 🙂

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Hi! I am an aspiring blogger, lazy in person, dreamer and confused about life in general.

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