|| Poetry – DON’T ||

I want to sleep with everything in my heart,
I don’t feel like explaining my part.
You question my integrity, you question my move,
Do you really know me, or making me a fool?

You all judge me, and assume things,

You all utter bitter words and then leave.
I stand here feeling hollow, knowing not what to speak.

You see, your questions have made me question
“Who am I? A piece of shit?” 

I listen everyone’s word, whether right or wrong,
And fake like it’s okay for you to speak that way to me.

Don’t stick your words on me, they are lies, you hardly know me.
Don’t judge me for my actions, if mine hurts, yours equally does.

I have doubts of my own, don’t add more to it, Please.
I have fears of my own, don’t add more to it, Please.
I have questions of my own, don’t add more to it, Please.
I am already fighting, struggling to breathe, don’t, Please.

And did you even know, I can’t cry? 
When I so badly want to try, I don’t, I can’t brush those feelings aside.
Do you even know me, we used to be friends sometime.
I don’t write, I don’t smile, I don’t eat right.

Did you know how nervous I am to face the crowd?

What do you know? Who gave you the right to come and assume,

and presume and judge me, its not your birthright.
I won’t explain anything, you don’t deserve to hear them loud.
You judge me, you want me to be your kind, to behave your way every single time.

But, I am tired.

I am tired of picking everyone up when they are down.
I am tired of picking you up when you are down.
I am tired of listening to your foul words that create a hole in my soul.
I am just too tired.

Yet, I tell myself that things will be fine, that one day today will be mine.

That someday I will do my bits and fly high in that blue sky.
So don’t come and treat me like a trash.
I struggle for days to get back on my track.

I struggle yet I fight.

So don’t, don’t come and question me with more doubts.
Don’t label upon me your low remarks.

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