Seriously…I’m Kidding quotes to help you through the day

Seriously…I’m Kidding! Have you not heard of it? Cutting the chase and getting right to the matter in focus. Here are 6 quotes from Ellen Degeneres’s third book, Seriously…I’m kidding. These quotes will inspire you, motivate you and guide you through a long tough day! Let’s get to it quickly! By the way, it’s a two-series post, so you will have to check-in for the other one too.

#1. On appreciating our FAMILY!


#2. On Success and Failure!


#3. Here’s another one… Keep Going No Matter What!


After Ellen came out of the closet, she suddenly started losing all her achievements, as if, her calibre was insignificant and needed a certificate of her sexual preferences just to achieve all that she deserved.

#4. There’s one more from the book…


#5. On risk and how it is okay to fall sometimes…



And that is the magic of Ellen. She will make you laugh and preach and motivate you at the same time. Seriously…I’m Kidding is just about that; laughter, words for the wise and full of lines and quotes that will easily guide you through your day. Penpaperheart will be back with the more quotes until then, grab your copy of the book, a cup of hot coffee and get inspired! Until next time!!

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