5 Books to Kick Start Your 2020

It is no surprise, the year 2019 has officially started and it is here to stay for the next 11 months. New years are time for some change, introspection and newer perspective in life. And what better way to do so, books or novels from diverse authors will help and guide you to make those important changes in life. Also if you are the lazy one, this late article is perfect for you, so stick around till the end.

#1 Sita- Warrior of Mithila


Sita – Warrior of Mithila by Amish Tripathi came out in 2017. But, if you haven’t read it yet, you must. Ramayana or say Modern form of Ramayana could be so enchanting and gripping, you have to read to find out. This book is recommended as it not only tells the story of Sita but successfully gives a new life to how we traditionally see princesses in general. Amish’s Sita is a leader, powerful, visionary and stands for everything she must. She is a perfect ode to the modern women. The perfect mixture of fiction and tradition, so beautifully narrated, I promise you won’t be able to keep aside this part of the trilogy series for much long.

#2 The Magic Of Thinking Big

Looking for some inspiration to keep going forward this year, then here is a book you must read. Even I am hooked onto it. The Magic Of Thinking Big by David Schwartz is surely the secret to success and happiness as the author claims to. Often recommended by therapists, this book acts as a personal therapist available to you 24/7. David talks about defeating negative thoughts and stress on dream and goal building. For anyone who is struggling in life personally or professionally, this book will guide you through the darkness. Only suggestion here, take your time and go through it again and again until you have lived the author’s advice completely.

#3 The Poetry of a Common Indian Female

Hardly 184 pages, this book is perfect for the beginners, people who have or want to take up reading as a habit. The Poetry of a Common Indian Female by Virendra Narayan Desai is a personal favorite and contains the true stories of 10 real-life common ladies who are surely uncommon with the number of hardships they went through and got back at life. This enchanting book will leave you in tears, inspire you to get back on your feet and give new meaning and perspective towards life. The simple language is another great advantage to the readers. A beautiful compilation you shouldn’t miss out this year.

#4 How to Be a Bawse

Yes,you read it right, Bawse, not Boss. How to Be a Bawse by superwomen Lilly Singh, is yet another inspiring motivational book on the block. Stressing on the need of hurting efficiently, and mastering your mind, Lilly Singh is all up for owning your life personally and professionally. The content is fresh, challenges your thought and is so relatable, after all who doesn’t want to be happy. There are only stairs, no escalators for every thing happy in life, something Lilly preaches about. To learn it, you need to grow through the book. A highly recommended book for you this year.

#5 Milk and Honey

 ” If you were born with the weakness to fall,  you were born with the strength to rise”

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur is a gift to all lovers of poetry and literature. Created out of personal experiences, Milk and Honey is a must read. Instagram is full of her poems, they speak directly to the readers. Relate-able, to the point and so apt in today’s time, rupi’s words seems to be the voice unheard of many out there. You will flow with every piece and won’t let the book rest until its finished. Milk and Honey is sweet yet sour, a mirror that reflects the soul of you and me, the society in large. A must, must read.

Now that you slightly have an idea, go grab your book and have a great new year 2019.

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