||Poetry – And that’s life ||

That's life, when you promised to meet again really soon, but how soon, you never know.

That's life, when you keep your mouth shut, when your boss is wrong but he shouts on you anyway.

That's life, when you see your parents getting old but you pack your bags and promise to call back on reaching 'your home'.

That's life, when you say your sorry over a bullshit fight you had with your boyfriend after two days of not responding properly.

That's life, when you feel sorry for yourself when you see bullshit writings on Instagram wall because you know you are better than them.

That's life, the one you keep cursing on.

That's life, the one you keep aspiring to live on.

That's life, the one in 'if' and 'but' 'could' and 'would','when' and 'why'.

That's life. That's life, when you don't say 'I love you papa' when you should.

That's life, when you can't say 'hatto mummy main kar deti hun" over the video call.

That's life, when you can't hug your friend in dire need.

That's life when you brust in anger, rant about something or someone but nothing changes a bit.

That's life, when you give up, sit finally and cry for hours because the days been rough, nights been tough, the years been challenging and you can't do one thing right.

That's life. But you couldn't tell all this when you were on the stage, with the mic on and utter these.

But now you know, now you aren't so naive, you're experienced, you are experimenting, you are experiencing.

And that's life. Bitter, better, bigger.

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Hi! I am an aspiring blogger, lazy in person, dreamer and confused about life in general.

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  • Hey… you show some beautiful instances of life but I would say it really not good to judge someone’s writings by yours . If they are okay as per you , feel yourself the best but don’t compare. Rest of all ,you are star😁

    • Point noted, thank you. But here the context is not to look down on someone’s writing or abilities, we all learn that way but here it reflects how a person feels who knows they are better, but not getting a chance to showcase their talents compared to one who is not that much ok but since they got an opportunity they are doing well. one atleast has that much right to feel something for themselves you know.

      but you are right and this was not meant to demean someone else. will keep in mind. Thank you so much for tour feedbacks.

  • Believe me, life is far more than you lived one. The one you’ll be pursuing it farther and farther..

    • yeah thats life. you keep learning as your experiences widen with time. thank you for your time.

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